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My name is Hayden (9) and I love YouTube (Mark Rober & Mr Beast), Lego, Jibbitz, video games, piano, and learning survival skills. My brother is Harley (5), he loves Jibbitz, drawing, crafts, Pokemon and making food. HWH Shop is a place where we showcase things we love (online store coming soon!). Later we will showcase our own original creations. HWH Shop is our first business and we started it in the back of my parents station wagon. Pop by and say hi if you see us around Wellington.

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Hayden Winter Huang (HWH)
Harley Wexford Huang (HWH)

HWH Magic Seaweed Sprinkles

Soon we will release our first food creation: HWH Seaweed Sprinkles, a fresh harvested (NZ wakame seaweed harvested by my dad from the ocean) and home made (dried and mixed by Harley and Hayden) healthy and yummy seaweed sprinkle that you can add to any food to make it healthier and delicious. Please join our mailing list below to be first-in-line to try our early batch free sample jars.

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HWH (Hayden and Harley)